Bespoke cabinetS

autokitchen PRO is known as the design CAD used by bespoke manufacturers and design architects who specialise in interior projects.

With autokitchen PRO every frame, cabinet panel and door can be drawn to scale. It's comprehensive in-frame and lay-on cabinet catalogues feature just about every available door and draw combination, yet still enabling bespoke designers to create any new door or draw cabinet with any door and handle style. 


Designing curved cabinets poses no problem to autokitchen PRO as we have a digital tool box of shapes and tools that can draw any curve or line and thus allowing a solid object to be created in any wood, paint or laminate finish.

To compliment our custom cabinet design tools, there are hundreds of feature mouldings, turn posts and corbels whilst also including fully modifiable mantles, as well as feature panelling components to tackle any design requirement.

autokitchen PRO is the product designed to do what other design programs can do but then so much more.

If you sell branded furniture or design your own, our software gives you the ability to impress on every level.

autokitchen PRO can increase your sales, produce accurate and detailed technical workshop drawings whilst also creating stunning HD 3D renders.