autokitchen - Kitchen Design Software Powered By The World's Leading CAD Technology.

Having 30 years experience behind every package, we provide refined software which has rich features and a comprehensive interface which is easy to use - autokitchen was the first kitchen design software to include the AutoCADĀ® OEM engine. It is this aspect that sets autokitchen apart from other kitchen design software packages as it enables the user to import and work with plans produced from both Architects and Builders. This also means that the appliance and accessory catalogues that comes with the software are both accurate and detailed as we use the very same 3D models created by the manufacturers themselves.

Our cabinet catalogues are extensive and created in component form so that they can be modified like real cabinets. This is why the industry's leading bespoke kitchen designers use autokitchen to design the room as well as the cabinets - autokitchen design software is loaded with thousands of  generic and specific manufacturer finishes, thousands of types of cabinets, hundreds of door and handle models to create extraordinary presentations with accurate plans, featuring amazing photo realistic images, virtual reality and much more. All of these together with included product itemised quotations which makes our kitchen design software the ultimate sales tool.

We currently offer two versions; autokitchen STUDIO - which is a kitchen design only software, and autokitchen PRO - which is a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design software - autokitchen PRO is associated more with the higher end of the market place as its features far exceed those of other packages.