Microcad Software has 30 years experience in producing industry leading CAD Software

Microcad Software was created to develop kitchen design software for the more discerning supplier or manufacturer of luxury kitchens that needed capable and easy to use design software. To achieve this, Microcad entered into the first and only OEM development with Autodesk to use it's AutoCAD engine as a dedicated kitchen design application. 


autokitchen was born

From the very beginning, Microcad invested in creating it's cabinet catalogues in component form to give the user unparalleled modification options and to offer the largest selection of cabinets, doors, appliances and accessories of any CAD program.

Today it's software is known as the most comprehensive and flexible of it's type, not just for kitchens but for bathrooms, bedrooms and studies also. It's products continue to receive 5-star reviews worldwide and the companies focus is and will always be to produce easy to use software that gives the user the features and functionality to do more than any other KBB design program. This is why it's used by the industries top designers.