We help you produce the right image...

We have been creating computer aided design software for professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designers for over 25 years.

Our flagship software is autokitchen PRO and is used by the industries top designers of high end, bespoke kitchen, bedroom, bathroom designers and manufacturers.

autokitchen PRO has features like no other CAD design package in the KBB sector. Its features allow the creative designer the freedom to plan rooms accurately and to produce the highest quality architectural style plans, elevations and high-quality HD 3D images.


The Power

autokitchen PRO is powered by the worlds leading CAD technology; Autodesk, using an AutoCAD OEM engine with a specially designed interface that speeds up the design process, offering the creative designer features that make the software unrivalled in flexibility.

The power of the AutoCAD engine ensures that floor plans, elevations and 3D views are drawn accurately and with the same detail that would be produced by an architect.

Builders and architects plans can be opened and worked on with autokitchen as they use the same file format; .dwg, making collaboration between all parties easier and with less chance of a mistake.

To describe autokitchen PRO in a few words would be quality on every level...



One of our specialist areas and main features is in the way we create our cabinet catalogues.

Instead of blocks, our cabinets are created by components. Sides, backs, tops, bottoms and shelves can all be modified. In the case of traditional and contemporary in-frame styles, the frames can be sized and shown to scale the way you make them.

All of the 4200+ cabinets in each of our lay-on and in-frame furniture catalogues are fully modifiable making the software the first choice for true bespoke designers, and manufacturers, ensuring that design projects can be completed quickly.

Designs can be priced within the software or exported to business management software like Smart, KBB Connect and EQ software.


Easy To Use

autokitchen PRO is easy to use and quick to learn. The interface is logical and it's tools are accessible, without having to enter sub menus to find what you're after.

Our software comes packaged with one-to-one online training to compliment the in-depth fully illustrated user manual and tutorial videos.

Most of our new users are set up and using the software within a few hours and even some with no training at all but whatever your level of CAD design knowledge, our one-to-one training sessions are tailored to move at your pace.

autokitchen PRO is a powerful tool which will improve your presentations to your clients and increase your sales.

autokitchen PRO would be a major asset to any company wanting to create the right image!